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The following terms and conditions concern your use and logging in pages of our website: ZAS-STORE.COM and its Links, tools and features:

(1) Introduction:

  • The using of ZAS STORE.com ,as it is one of ZAS STORE projects, is a consent to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement which includes all the details below. It is a confirmation of your commitment to respond to the contents of this agreement of ZAS CENTER Company.

  • With regard to your using of the site, and hereinafter referred to as the “Usage Agreement” The agreement is valid if you accept the option of approval.

(2) To qualify for membership:

  • site membership is granted just for those who’ve exceeded the age of 18 years and the site has the right to cancel the account of any member did not reach the 18-year commitment with the liquidation of its financial accounts as soon as the account is closed.

  • No person shall be entitled to use the site if the membership canceled.

  • You should comply with all applicable laws to regulate trade via the Internet.

  • Any member or organizations do not have the right to open two accounts at one time for any reason.

  • The management of the site have the right to freeze accounts or cancel one of them with a commitment to filter out all the financial transactions relating to the account before closing it.

(3) Registration Commitments:

  • immediately upon filing the registration application for membership in the site you are required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and a password to be used when entering the site and Upon acceptance of the application for registration would be considered a member of the site is valid  and so you  have agreed to: be responsible of  Maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password information with identify people who are allowed to access and use your membership And be so you have the right to inform any unauthorized use by the login or account.

  • ZAS STORE will not be in any way responsible for any loss that may be incurred by you directly or indirectly morally or materially as a result of detecting the user name or password logon information.

(4)The customer’s consent to the Terms and Conditions:

  • Customer approves the required data and to be as accurate and correct information with Responsibility for the account holder with respect to all activities that occur using its own password during the registration process. The customer agrees to receive promotional emails from the site. And you can, at a later date, to cancel this option and do not receive any e-mails. You are responsible for maintaining the use of site ZAS STORE all seriousness and credibility is bound to compensate the ZAS STORE for any direct or indirect losses that may result of any illegal use or real or commissioner for your account by you or by anyone else got the keys access to your site, whether to accomplish and other services using the user name and password, whether authorized by you or without the mandate.

  • You agree to disclose information truly and correctly and up to date and complete information about yourself as requested in the registration form at the ZAS STORE.

  • Your contact details do not included in the registration of addresses or e-mail phones or any personal details, card numbers.

  • ZAS STORE is committed to dealing with your personal information and addresses to contact you confidentially.

  • ZAS STORE is committed to dealing with your personal information and addresses to contact you confidentially. You Will be obliged to maintain and update the registration data successively to keep it true and correct and current, complete If disclosed untrue or incorrect information where ZAS STORE has a full right to stop or limit or cancel your membership and your site.

  • You agree to provide any information and / or documents for ZAS STORE if asked to do so. In the case of non-compliance with any of the above, the management and ZAS STORE has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and has blocked the site. We reserve as well as the right to cancel any accounts which are unconfirmed, unproven or accounts have been sitting out for a long time without Activity.

(5) Electronic communications:

  • You agree to be in touch with your email, or through broadcast statement in Site. You agree that all agreements and declarations, statements and other communications that provide for you are served as printed.

  • ZAS STORE will send sending e-mails to identify you of any changes or new procedures or propaganda activities may be added to the site during the period of your membership.

  • You have the right as a user to confirm that you do not wish to receive promotional e-mails, and you can cancel the receipt of such messages, by clicking on the request not to receive promotional messages and are available at the bottom of the promotional messages and advertising option.

(6) Changes to the User Agreement and mechanism of action of ZAS STORE:

  • You acknowledge and agree that the ZAS STORE notifies you of any amendment to the User Agreement, under which multiply your obligations or diminish your rights in accordance with any adjustments that might be performed on the Terms of Use.

  • You know that ZAS STORE site is technically electronically on the Internet allows the sale of goods to registered members of the site.

  • ZAS STORE reserves the right to take any necessary actions or steps, including but not limited to legal proceedings to collect the fees and / or taxes and appropriate expenses.

  • In some cases, it may not be approved on the request for several reasons. The organizers of the site retain the right to reject or cancel any request for any reason and at any time. Before the approval of the application, we may ask you to provide additional information or other data to check something, including, for example, but not limited to, phone number and address.

(7)The use of ZAS STORE security system for payment:

  • safe payment system in ZAS STORE considered that the payment for the purchase of goods from the site can be done online in whole or in part by the properties to pay a subsidiary of ZAS STORE called my wallet (MyWallet) or cash receipt “COD” or any other party for payment may be provided by ZAS STORE on the site from time to time.

  • ZAS STORE provides payment service MyWallet or cash on delivery is a convenience for buyers to complete payment transactions over the Internet is overseen by ZAS STORE.

Prohibited actions during the operations at the site:

  • Submitting your lack of a commodity purchased from you as long as the buyer Commit the stated conditions.

  • Doing anything that would breach the confidentiality of keeping systems, information and data site, or disclosure or use of any data or information for any reasons or acts.

  • transform your account on the site, user name, to another party without informing the site manager and consent to this procedure have us doing anything, or may have us (in our view) enormous burdens are unjustified on our infrastructure and employment policy. To interfere or attempt to interfere to influence the progress of work at the site.

  • Takeover bid on another user’s account or to do any scam on the site or other users and fields of their own accounts.

  • damaging ZAS STORE through the use of shipping services granted by ZAS STORE or MyWallet or properties or other contracts or terms and conditions concerning ZAS STORE, which offers on-site from time to time and the last service.

(8) Obligations of ZAS STORE:

  • They are the sole and exclusive owner of the beneficiary by law for all materials of any kind that you want to view it for sale on the site, and that she has to prove that it has the right and authority to trade in these materials and presentation. They will comply with all local and international laws applicable in this regard, as well as applicable regarding the use of the site sentences.

  • The information and description of goods in order to be published on the site is true and accurate and detailed and illustrated the sale. To work within the site concerning the maintenance of the privacy policy Contact Information and communication, you will not reveal the details of information and your contact addresses, including phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, anywhere in the site, including the models and Forum and Item or through any e-mail features of the site.

(9) Copyright:

  • Aggregated content on the site are the exclusive property and rights reserved by ZAS STORE, which is protected by copyright Saved rights, trademarks and intellectual and creative property laws.

(10) Trademarks:

  • ZAS STORE and logos owned, and other words and logos on the site, are either registered trademarks or unregistered ZAS STORE, which is protected and the rights of property laws and international intellectual brands other.

(11) Damage of ZAS STORE:

  • ZAS STORE can resort to technical or legal against users who are making up problems or legal claims of any type or ways to deal with inappropriate User Agreement or these steps with our contracts.

(12) Buyer Protection:

  • ZAS STORE have “buyer protection program” is designed to help buyers to ensure the protection of their purchases from the scam sellers on the site.

  • in the case if the buyer purchases through “Safbaa” and did not receive the goods or that it had received the goods different from the view of the specification or the value is different from what has been mentioned by the display page, then the buyer can seek protection in accordance with the Buyer Protection Program.

  • After receiving ZAS STORE management will be the sender of the communication necessary action to check the details of the case and, in the case proved, the ZAS STORE compensate the buyer within the site’s policy and what it deems appropriate Zas Store management based on the details of each individual case.

The shipping fee for requests to return the goods:

  • (if the return is due ZAS STORE error or a problem with the product sender) if the buyer objection within 3 days of receipt of the request (protection provided by ZAS STORE period) ZAS STORE bears shipping fee for returning merchandise to him (if the return is due to an error buyer product and still original state without opening it) bears the buyer shipping fee for returning merchandise to him.

(13) The confidentiality of information:

  • ZAS STORE takes standards for the protection of the arrival of an unauthorized person to your personal identity information, and save Knowing that the Internet is not a secure way, and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed.

  • ZAS STORE will provide your contact information, “a mobile phone and e-mail to the buyer to complete the transaction in order to be communicating to complete the process of charging and payment.

  • ZAS STORE has no control over the actions of any third party, like other Internet pages linked to this Site, or third parties claim to represent you. You acknowledge and agree that ZAS STORE may use your information that you provided them, in order to provide services to you in ZAS STORE, and to send marketing messages to you, and that the secrecy held in this location adjusts collection and treatment, use and transfer of personal identity information operations.

(14) To ensure that:

  • ZAS STORE does not guarantee that this website from viruses and other things can damage users. It is the nature of online communication that the information in it is prone to enter it and spoil it and causing delays. The site has been exposed from time to time in the inability to carry out any operations because of the trouble-shooting, maintenance and development, you agree that ZAS STORE is not obligated to support the site, you agree publicly on the visit to the site and carry your risk yourself.

(15) Defining the responsibilities:

  • according to what is permitted by law, the ZAS STORE, its employees, agents and distributors to him will not be responsible for any loss directly or breakdowns arising from use of the site. If you were not satisfied with the site or any of the contents of its articles and the solution is not much you use it.

(16) Security:

  • You agree to provide security for ZAS STORE and directors, employees, agents and protect them from any damage that may catch up with them due to claims, losses and failures, costs and expenses, caused by a violation of the User Agreement, or your violation of any law or infringe upon the rights of others.

(17) Relationship and notifications:

  • does not include any of the terms of User Agreement reference to the existence of a partnership between you and ZAS STORE, and you have no authority to bind ZAS STORE in any way, and that any notices would like sent to ZAS STORE, you send it by e-mail, provided that the ZAS STORE responded to email. You know and agree that any notices sent to you from ZAS STORE will be announced on the website or by e-mail that you provide during the registration process, and assumes that you received after 72 hours of transmission. And we can send you a notice by mail to the address you provided us with the supposed arrival here after 7 days of transmission.

(18) Transfer rights and obligations:

  • You are here granted ZAS STORE the right to convert part or all of the rights, benefits and obligations and responsibilities to other parties working with him, without the need to return to you, according to the texts of the user agreement, and ZAS STORE is committed to notify all such transfers if obtained, as well as publishing on the site according to the terms and conditions in the user agreement.

(19) General information:

  • If any provision contained in this User Agreement is invalid or void or for any reason they are no longer in force, such paragraph does not negate the rest of the paragraphs in the agreement expires. This Convention (which amended from time to time according to its terms) put all the outlines of understanding and agreement between you and ZAS STORE with regard to: It is not the right of any person not a party to this User Agreement to impose any terms or conditions therein.

(20) Applicable law:

  • User Agreement is governed by this and formulated according to the Arab audience Egypt Act is fully and entirely subject to the legislation in force in Egyptian courts.

(21) The terms and provisions of the warranty: Excluded from the escrow all of the following:

  • periodic inspection, general maintenance, repair and replacement item which disrupted as a result of normal use of the good parts, as well as other consumer parts such as batteries, cables and headphones, lights, and other parts of the item that is consumed naturally.

  • Misuse, which includes – for example, not limited to malfunctions that arise from the lack of knowledge of the buyer the right way to do item, or attempt to run contrary to ZAS STORE policy or the manufacturer, as well as malfunctions resulting from the use of any attachments to be used with Item.

  • any malfunction arises as a result of an error in the installation or installation resulting in a breach of the instructions contained in the user manual or those granted by the ZAS STORE buyer when you buy the commodity.

  • All faults resulting from various incidents such as lightning strikes, acts of God, floods and civil unrest or other reasons that are beyond the control of ZAS STORE cannot be controlled.

  • In addition to the buyer scans, removal or amendment to the serial number of the product or if the serial number of the product cannot be read.

  • This warranty is not transferable from one person to another, as it will be the only means by which the buyer can from which to take advantage of ZAS STORE services or approved maintenance centers have located in close custody and would be responsible for any explicit breach or implied of any of the terms of this guarantee.

  • Legal liability: ZAS STORE is not be responsible in any way for any loss of information that may be stored / saved on any goods that are replaced.

  • All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, on-site, and all content and design information contained on the site, are the property of us.

(22) The prices:

  • Declared valid in time and history, it has been changed in accordance with the offers or exchange rates, or the place of delivery, or any change to the status of the stock.
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